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A shocking 20% of kids ages 5-11 have untreated tooth decay. At Glen Dental Center in Glenview, Illinois, kid-friendly dentists Jeffrey Gilmor, DDS, and Verena Phillips, DDS, help fight this alarming statistic with pediatric dentistry services that focus on keeping kids content while they’re at the dentist. To learn more about pediatric dentistry, call Glen Dental Center to book your child’s next appointment today.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What is pediatric dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on keeping your child healthy and comfortable with respect to their teeth and mouth. 

Just like you, your child requires both treatments and preventive care in order to keep their mouths healthy. It’s especially important because their mouths are still growing and developing.

At Glen Dental Center, the kid-friendly team understands that each child is different and requires a different set of accommodations to make sure they’re comfortable and at ease during treatment. 

New places can be scary for kids so the team works to make the Glen Dental Center office a welcoming environment that doesn’t feel intimidating. They even have a playroom for kids where they can relax before or after the treatment or while their parents are in the dental chair.

When should I bring my child in for pediatric dentistry visits?

It might seem early, but it’s important for you to bring your child in for their first dental exam as soon as their first tooth appears. This should happen before his or her first birthday. If it hasn’t, you should still bring them in by their first birthday.

After their initial checkup, you should bring your child to Glen Dental Center for exams and cleanings once every six months.

Even after they learn to care for their own teeth, kids don’t always do the best job of cleaning. Visiting the dentist regularly helps them refine their oral hygiene skills, get to know their dentist, and to catch problems early on. 

These visits give you a chance to ask questions and to learn how to promote healthy dental care at home.

What are some necessary pediatric dentistry services?

Glen Dental Center offers a number of children’s dental services. Even treatments that you’ve had as an adult might be available to kids as they experience many of the same problems. A few examples of dental treatments for children are:


Sealants are a liquid that your dentist paints onto the surfaces of your child’s teeth. When it hardens, it helps prevent food and bacteria from getting stuck in the crevices and causing cavities.

Professional cleanings

Professional cleanings at Glen Dental Center are necessary for children, and the team tries to make it a fun experience so that the kids are looking forward to coming back in six months. 


Extractions aren’t often necessary, but your dentist could recommend one to make room for your child’s developing adult teeth. The team also evaluates if wisdom teeth extractions in older adolescents are necessary.

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